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As with all businesses, laying a foundation is one of the keys to a successful endeavor. Creating a plan or schematic of critical events in a company's short-term and long-term lives sets the proper groundwork for present promotion and future expansion. And, like a retail store that plans out strategic locations for its inventory, checkout area, and security, a website follows the same lines of initial development.

Here at yxymedia, we understand that web development is a key component of any marketing plan. Having built thousands of our own websites from the ground up, we are uniquely qualified to develop sites for new web-property owners, as well as to advise owners with older portfolios seeking advancement to a higher level of business.

Although the process is varied depending on the client and the stage of business, there are nonetheless, several functions which are important when mastering web development.

Web Design:

You may have read many comments saying that the design of a website does not matter if you provide the required content. This may be true in some instances, but for the most part, we disagree with this statement, particularly if your plan is to build a long-term, stable business. In fact, it is absolutely crucial that you develop a website that exhibits the following characteristics:

  • professional in appearance
  • easy to understand and navigate
  • capable of directing potential clients and existing users to the desired pages
  • capture the attention of new users and encourage them to take action
  • ensure that relevant photos, videos, and general content do not take away from the browsing experience, but rather, work in hand with the user to make the visit a pleasant one
  • is not only optimized for your audience, but also for the search engines (for example, loading times of the design is critical to both humans and bots)
  • laid out in such a fashion as to effectively monetize
  • adhere to strict programming codes
  • adhere to legal obligations and rules set forth by agreed upon associations (for example Privacy Statement, earnings disclosures, disclaimers, copyright)

In short, the design must facilitate the end goal of the property owner, while at the same time fulfilling external criteria.

Database-Driven Websites:

Today, many more websites are using PHP and MySQL to maintain "content management system" types of online endeavors. While static (pure html) sites still exist, PHP provides a flexibility and functionality not found in HTML. It also allows web owners to store data, and output the required information at the request of the user. Some examples of the ways in which we use databases are:

  • detailed FAQ (pre-sales questions)
  • support services (post-sales inquiries)
  • product inventories including quantity, price, size, color, manuals
  • archiving magazine or newspaper stories

Lastly, PHP programming can be something as simple as calling up repetitive tasks on an html page such as the header, footer and menu or navigation bar.

At yxymedia, we team up with some of the best hosting companies in the world to provide our clients with a smooth environment to run their database-driven web sites on. Our partners include ServInt, YuppieHost, Lentl.net, GoDaddy.com, Hostmonster and many, many more of the hosting industry's top players.


Most websites at some time will require the use of JavaScripting. Basically, JS is a routine of sorts that enables the website to do complex tasks with relative ease. For example:

  • ensures the correct number of digits are present in a credit card transaction
  • verifies the CAPTCHA image to prevent spam and differentiate between humans and computers or bots
  • checks to ensure that forms are filled in completely
  • enables web owner to load a dialog box to collect email addresses
  • loads popunders and popovers
  • places a time and date stamp on the web page or email transmission

Indeed, there are endless possibilities to JavaScript. Some are short snippets of code and others are long and detailed, but all facilitate the usefulness of a website's functions.


Sites that are built specifically for the purpose of selling products or services will need more functionality than informational type websites. Some of the features that must be developed are:

  • security regarding the use and storage of customer credit cards
  • security regarding passwords and customer account access
  • integration of payment processing
  • creation and management of auto-responders when sales are made, and subsequently making customers aware of ship dates or shipping delays
  • databases to hold inventory information, customer accounts, payment data

eCommerce involves more intricate mechanisms than static websites, but all of this is not only possible, but easily achieved with the right web development partners.

We, at yxymedia, have the ability and experience to bring your ideas and concepts to market. Our advanced team of designers, programmers and marketers will ensure that your web development project meets today's rigorous web standards, and that your users will enjoy the stress-free experience of visiting your new or revamped online property.

Case Studies

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In under 3 months, yxymedia was able to transform my business on the web. I had been running a small brick and mortar shop for 7 years, and in 3 months, I'm selling more through my website than I am in my store. That just baffles me!
~ Jonathan Carr, United Kingdom