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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, commonly known as "SEO" is an integral part of a website's successful life. It is so important that the term has become a buzzword to sell many inferior services, and to make grandiose statements which just are not accurate, and for the most part are completely unrealistic. The most popular being "buy our service and we can get you a number one ranking in just 3 days".

While in a few instances, it is possible to advance to premium search engine rankings, it is usually done with "black hat methods" and questionable marketing. Further, these types of approaches are considered "flash-in-the-pan" tactics. They rarely build long-term successes and in fact, generally lead to minimal short-term profits and search engine banishment.

We, at yxymedia, are committed to creating, expanding and nurturing viable online businesses. As such, our SEO methods are purely white hat and have been proven over and over again with both our own portfolio of websites, as well as satisfied clients.

We believe that an internet business should be built and marketed for the long-term, as greater benefits and profitability exist from age. And, one of the ways to accomplish long-term power with the search engines is Natural Search Engine Optimization. What it does not include is buying thousands of backlinks all over the place creating spam and bad neighborhoods.

Natural search engine optimization has many meanings and includes various techniques, but generally speaking, it involves two key components:

  1. Optimizing the website itself so that search engines can find the site and provide useful results to its users:
    • building a website with graphics or flash only is a detriment because search engines need to read text
    • text must appear natural and not keyword stuffed
    • appropriate coding through the use of meta tags, alt tags, and title tags enhances a website's usability
    • content should be relevant to the website

  2. Creating a promotional plan that includes quality in-bound links that help to boost search engine rankings, as well as bring more traffic to the website:
    • off-site SEO provides exposure to the website, even without the search engines

The real intent of SEO is to provide the site owner with long-term return-on-investment. Yes, it is true that business owners want to cover their expenses as soon as possible, but also, the website must have staying power. And that can only be achieved through natural SEO.

Likewise, there is a huge difference between quickly recouping one's costs, and building a long-term sustainable business with exceptional ROI. Here at yxymedia, we seek to find the right balance for long-term sustainability and profitability. And, we have the ability to do just that as witnessed by our own years of proven success. Our track record with our own portfolio indicates that years of experience and a business model promoting long-term viability are crucial to search engine optimization.

Because real SEO methods are not parlor tricks, our experienced and qualified team at yxymedia employ accepted, proven techniques benefiting the long-term growth of your online business, and creating you above-average return-on-investment.

Case Studies

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In under 3 months, yxymedia was able to transform my business on the web. I had been running a small brick and mortar shop for 7 years, and in 3 months, I'm selling more through my website than I am in my store. That just baffles me!
~ Jonathan Carr, United Kingdom