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Link Building

One of the key factors Google and other search engines use to determine your site's place in its search engine is the amount (and quality) of links pointing towards your website. For most people running a business though, acquiring these links has become more of a "buy links or get no links" game. link building That's not only a very difficult and expensive process, it's also quite the gamble, with Google openly fighting a battle against paid links and text link ads.

At yxymedia, we follow Google's guidelines, and focus on getting links in a natural, long term way - helping your site gain exposure and authority with both the search engines and your potential customers. Our goal is not to buy 100 links and propel you into the first page for a couple weeks. We follow a proven and mathematical approach, within the guidelines set up by the search engines, to get you on that first page for years...

Yxymedia doesn't stop there, though. We'll help you monetize those improved search engine rankings into customers with our years of experience in landing page design and conversion management.

Give us a call or drop us an e-mail, and we'll gladly give you more information on how we work, and what we can do to grow your business!

Case Studies

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In under 3 months, yxymedia was able to transform my business on the web. I had been running a small brick and mortar shop for 7 years, and in 3 months, I'm selling more through my website than I am in my store. That just baffles me!
~ Jonathan Carr, United Kingdom